Clwb Cardigan Bay



Clwb Cardigan Bay was formed in April 2005, to serve as an association of Standardbred owners, trainers, drivers and enthusiasts of harness racing in Ceredigion and the surrounding area.

Its aims are to advance the knowledge of its members in equine matters, with particular emphasis on harness racing and the promotion of the sport.

The club draws its name not simply from the fact that it is based geographically on Cardigan Bay, but in recognition of the horse, Cardigan Bay, the first Standardbred to win $1million. 

By and large the members of Clwb Cardigan Bay meet during the winter months. The nature of the meeting will vary from holding business meetings to hosting speakers invited to talk about any current topics or issues relating to the sport (previous topics include Feeding the Racehorse; Hydration, Dehydration and Rehydration; Weighing Horses; Equine Colic; Shoeing the Pacer; Respiratory Problems; Breeding Theories). Members have also enjoyed various visits to stud farms, races and been on tour to Ireland and America.


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