New Arrivals 2015


Everyone likes to hear about a new foal, so why not let us know when your foal has arrived.

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Here's some we found earlier .....

16 May Filly Foal - Yankee Lariat x Bon Bethan (S Weigel)

10 June Filly Foal - My Panamar x House Flight (Camden Stud)

7 June Filly Foal - Crown Mahatton x Talavary I Candy (Talavay Stud)

Filly Foal - Kikikolt x Mahogany Jet (A Lewis)

28 May Filly Foal - Art Professor x Beloved Angel (Camden Stud)

28 May Colt Foal - Stonebrige Galaxy x So Hip it Hurts (Camden Stud)

27 May Colt Foal - Western Ideal x Dramlands Hardie (Oakwood Stud)

27 May Colt Foal - McArdle x Only Gossip (Oakwood Stud)

22 May Filly Foal - Mypanama x Roman Art (Camden Stud)

19 May Colt Foal - Arts Professor x Pan Culottes (Camden Stud)

19 May Filly Foal - Crown Manhatton x Pixel Hanover (Talavary Stud)

19 May Filly Foal - Kikikolt x Cannae Diamond (N Martin)

18 May Colt Foal - Crown Manhatton x Scarlet Lady (A Bevan)

13 May Colt Foal - Stonebridge Galaxy x Lets All Boogie (Camden Stud)

13 May Filly Foal - Yankee Lariat x American Beauty (G Thomas)

13 May Colt Foal - The Cammissioner x Meadowbranch Molly (Chinatown Stud)

12 May Colt Foal - Mypanamar x Bigreddog

10 May Colt Foal - Yankee Landa x Wellfield Jemima (Wellfield Stud)

9 May Colt Foal - Share the Delight x Olympic Sign (Oakwood Stud)

9 May Filly Foal - Arts Professor x Keystone Havoc (Camden Stud)

30 April ....... Foal - Star on the Beach x Ynyston Seelster (A Dyer)

25 April Filly Foal - Hasty Hall x Ayr Queen (Ayr Standardbreds)

25 April Filly Foal - Yankee Lariat x Ring Around (H Evans)

24 April Colt Foal - Kikikolt x Betyourmiffed (N Martin)

21 April Filly Foal - Share the Delight x Oakwood Alana (Oakwood Stud)

20 April Filly Foal - Kikikolt x Angela's Kosmos (N Martin)

19 April Colt Foal - Mypanamar x Jamierah (J Maguire & W Jones)

12 April Colt Foal - Arts Conquest x Meadowbranch Katie (Kelleher Bros)

10 April Filly Foal - Mypanamar x Second Symphony (Camden Stud)

10 April Colt Foal - Sportswriter x Abbey Won (Oakwood Stud)

7 April Filly Foal - Yankee Lariat x Eternal Lobell (M Jones)

2 April Colt Foal - Village Connection x Allamerican Bootie (N Millard)

18 March Colt Foal ~ Mypanamar x Rhyds Topaz (K Addiss)

16 March Colt Foal ~ Pro Bono Best x Penn Kinki Touch (Camden Stud)

11 March Colt Foal ~ Galliano x Cherry Hall (Oakwood Stud)

25 Feb Colt Foal ~ Bettors Delight x Musical Tone (Camden Stud)

21 Feb Filly Foal ~ Mypanamar x Rose Croix (Camden Stud)

7 Jan Colt Foal ~ Yankee Lariat x Seven Seas (Camden Stud


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