Tanycastell - Owners, Trainers, Drivers and Officials Update


Notes for owners, trainers, drivers and officials

Please note: Due to having 18 races plus Qualifiers, and the fact that many have a long journey home, the start time of the first race has been brought forward to 1:00 PM.

Revised schedule:
The lorry park and paddock are now situated in the ‘old’ area (ie. In the field on the left as you come in, rather than round the other side of the track where it has been for all recent meetings).
Declarations and Number cloths will be in the PADDOCK there. No number cloths will be issued without a ticket;

12:00 – 12:15  Draw takes place at the commentary point.
1:00 – First Race. Subsequent races follow at 20 minutes intervals. We need to get through 3 races per hour to stay on schedule, so co-operation in getting horses ready and in the paddock on time will be greatly appreciated.

1. Grades 1/2 Division 1
2. Maiden Division 1
3. Maiden / Novice Division 1
4. “Crock of Bold” Over 50s Drivers. Division 1
5. “Crock of Bold” Over 50s Drivers. Division 2
6. Coron y Castell Heat 1 (Grade 2)
7. Coron y Castell Heat 2 (Grade 3)
8. Coron y Castell Heat 3 (Grade 4)
9. Coron y Castell Heat 4 (Grade 5)
10.  Coron y Castell Heat 5 (Grade 6)
11.  Coron y Castell “Sospan Fach” Top Grade Heat (Top 10)
            After Race 11 the will be a 15 minute interval for public’s “Best Dressed” parade etc.
12. Clwb Cardigan Bay Members Race
13. Grade 1
14. Maiden Division 2
15. Maiden / Novice Division 2
16. . Grades 1 / 2 Division 2
17. C Class Drivers Race
18. Coron y Castell Final

Permissive filming and photography;
FYI:  There will be a small film crew from BBC Wales recording footage for a programme called ‘A Summer In Wales’, and also a photographer taking general photographs that may be used for future publication,eg. promotional material, websites etc.
If you have any objections to yourselves or any member of your party appearing in such images, please inform the film crew and photographer(s) on site.

Prize money.
Prize money will be paid by cheque ONLY.

Trackside mobiles on the day:
07812 166 802 (secretary); 07875 745 172 (lorry park).
All other times: landline 01970 828 788; e-mail: peter.symlog@pc-q.net

Weather and track conditions
Currently forecast to be dry overnight, sunny morning with showers creeping in later. (BBC 24 hr forecast). Looks like we may have some rain during the afternoon (please nail ‘em  up – farrier available on course) but not too bad!
The track is in good condition as it stands, and there are no plans or reason to inspect  barring unexpected circumstances.
Warming up on the OUTSIDE of the track can take place in the morning 10:00 – 12:00 but NOT during the short interval around 4:00 – sorry.

Hope this helps and that you all have a good day at Tan y Castell.

Karen (Secretary)

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