There are a number of BHRC Licenced Drivers based in Ceredigion.

The BHRC issues 4 categories of driver’s licence:

  1. Provisional Drivers Licence
  2. ‘C’ Class Licence
  3. ‘B’ Class Licence
  4. ‘A’ Class (Advanced/International) Licence

Provisional Drivers Licence

Before being allowed to drive in any BHRC race, every driver must hold a driving licence. When applying for a driving licence a driver will be issued with a provisional drivers licence. This licence will qualify the holder to take part in official qualifying (non-betting) races only. After driving in a minimum of 3threequalifying races the holder of the provisional driving licence will be eligible to take a two part driving test. If the candidate is successful he may then apply for a ‘C’ Class Licence.

‘C’ Class Licence

A ‘C’ Class Driver is defined as a driver that has less than 8 wins to his credit and is not permitted to drive for hire.

‘B’ Class Licence

Upgrading from ‘C’ to ‘B’.

‘C’ Class licences will be automatically upgraded to ‘B’ Class upon the driver achieving 8 wins.  ‘B’ Class drivers are permitted to drive for hire.

‘A’ Class (Advanced/International) Licence

Upgrading from ‘B’ to ‘A’.

‘B’ Class drivers may apply for an upgrade of licence to ‘A’ Class through the BHRC Committee.  The BHRC Committee will consider the application and certain conditions must be fulfilled, they include:

  • The applicant shall have held a 'B' Class Licence for at least one full season.
  • The applicant shall have had a minimum of 25 drives on a hard track.
  • The applicant shall have driven 24 wins, of which at least 12 shall have been on a hard track.
  • The application must have the recommendation of three Stewards [Racetrack, Regional or BHRC] and must be submitted to the Committee of the BHRC for adjudication.

More information regarding the Rules & Regulations for drivers and how to apply for a driver’s licence can be found on the BHRC website.

Harness racing is a sport where men and women compete equally. Here in the UK there are many female drivers, several of whom compete at the highest level of the sport and are seen regularly in the winner’s enclosure in major races. 

There are a number of Licensed Drivers based in Ceredigion. Drivers in Ceredigion that hold a ‘C’Class Licence include:

  • Gary O Grady
  • Stuart Lloyd 
  • Dewi Lloyd Davies
  • Alun Jones
  • Kayleigh Evans
  • Annwen Evans
  • Meirion Davies
  • Henry Bulman 
  • Shon Morgans

Drivers in Ceredigion that hold a ‘B’ Class Licence include:

  • Huw Evans
  • Mike Evans
  • Raymond Jenkins
  • Alan Brown
  • Alan Jones
  • Neville Thomas
  • Michael O'Mahony
  • Dai Issac

Only one driver in Ceredigion holds an A Class licence: Rhys Evans 



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