All horses racing under BHRC Rules will be trained by a person that holds a BHRC Trainer’s Licence.

There are a number of BHRC licenced trainers based in Ceredigion.

The BHRC issues three categories of Trainer’s Licence:

  1. Permit to Train - The holder of a Permit to Train would only be qualified to train horses which are the sole property of him/herself, his/her spouse or partner resident at the same address, parents, sons or daughters.
  2. Licence to Train - This category is for persons training their own horses and no more than two belonging to persons outside their immediate family [as defined above]. It is confined to training from their registered premises and any change of premises must be notified. A person training as an employee for one named owner may also be eligible for this category of licence.
  3. Public Trainer’s Licence - A Public Trainer's Licence entitles the holder to train any Standardbred horse for racing under BHRC rules.

More information regarding the Rules & Regulations for Trainers and how to apply for a Trainer Licence can be found on the BHRC website, including an application form.

Trainers holding a Permit to Train in Ceredigion include

  • Henry Bulman
  • Huw Evans
  • Wyndham Jones
  • Stuart Lloyd
  • Dewi Lloyd Davies
  • Peter Owen Davies
  • Trefor Morgans
  • Gareth Evans
  • Iwan Jones Evans
  • Jeff Dowse
  • Ronnie John

Trainers holding a Licence to Train in Ceredigion include

  • Dai Isaac
  • Meirion Davies
  • Alan Brown
  • Raymond Jenkins
  • Alan Jones
  • Alun Jones
  • Will Evans
  • M.G. Richards
  • Keith Thomas

Trainers holding a Public Trainer's Licence in Ceredigion include


Name: Mike Evans
Occupation: Horse trainer
How long have you been involved in harness racing: We always went to the races but we didn’t get our first Standardbred until I was 17. I started getting more involved when my sister Kayleigh got her horse Popeye. I did a bit of driving then went to New Zealand over the winter to learn a bit more before I started training
Favourite win: Crock of Gold heat with Bon Jasper, people thought his better days were behind him but he regained some of his past form towards the end of the season when I was training him
What race you’d love to win: Crock of Gold

Name: Rhys Evans
Occupation: Recently finished a degree in equine sport science and now I will train horses full time 
How long have you been involved in harness racing: Since I can remember
Favourite win: Welsh Classic in Ammanford because it’s the most prestigious race I've won and a race I’ve wanted to win since I was a child
What race you’d love to win: Crock of Gold or Musselburgh

Name: Michael O’Mahony
Occupation: Horse trainer
How long have you been involved in harness racing: I went to the races in Cork when I was young. I moved to Dublin to work for Meadowbranch Stables where I had my first drive. I spent nearly 6 years working there before I went to New Zealand for a year then I started training in Wales last year.
Favourite win: My first win, it was on Meadowbranch Niche in Tir Prince. She ran super, I was near last at the ¾ pole and she came round the field to win.
Race you would love to win: Welsh Dragon, it would be great to train and drive a top young horse

Name: Neville Thomas
Occupation: Work for a tarmac contractor and I train standardbreds and point-to-pointers.
How long have you been involved in harness racing: I have been involved in harness racing for around 40 years. I first got involved through a friend Jim Jones.
Favourite win: My favourite win would be when I drove Wyndam Jones’ horses Rummy to victory in Llandrindod
Race you would love to win: It’s got to be Tregaron, the Welsh Classic

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